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Style Points: What’s Your Dog’s Chewing Style? Why Does it Matter?

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Is your dog a power chewer or an average chewer?

From pint-sized Chihuahuas to pony-sized Great Danes, nearly all dogs love to chew. Not all dogs chew the same way, however. Different dogs have different chewing styles. You may already know how to pick the right KONG for your pup based on the size of their jaws. For a refresher, go to our Size Guide.

Selecting the KONG Rubber Formula that best suits your dog’s chewing style is just as critical to make sure he or she has the safest—and most fun—experience with their toy. Giving a dog a KONG that doesn’t match his or her chewing style can lead to destruction or frustration.

How do you know your dog’s chewing style? Check out the style descriptions below and find the one that best matches your dog’s approach to toys:

Teething Chewers

These cute little chewers are the easiest to identify— most puppies nine months and younger are teething chewers. In addition to the chewing instincts they’re born with, puppies have additional reasons for chewing: the 28 baby teeth emerging through their gums. Just like with humans, incoming teeth can hurt. Chewing on KONG Puppy rubber helps alleviate the pain.

Choose: PINK or BABY BLUE KONG Puppy Rubber. This formula is soft enough to provide teething relief, yet durable enough to withstand assault from those puppy needle teeth.

Average Chewers

Most adult dogs are average chewers. They enjoy KONG Classic Rubber, a harder rubber than KONG Puppy Rubber that’s formulated for adult teeth and jaws.

Choose: RED KONG Classic Rubber. The best known of KONG’s formulas, KONG Classic Rubber satisfies the chewing needs of most adult dogs.

Power Chewers

Does your dog have jaws of steel? Is she able to shred most toys in a single round? Then he or she is most likely a power chewer. KONG has engineered an ultra-durable rubber for these chewers: black KONG Extreme Rubber. Formulated for strong jaws, KONG Extreme Rubber is tough enough to withstand power chewing, but has enough springy rebound to keep it fun to chew.

Choose: Black KONG Extreme Rubber. KONG’s toughest formula is made to satisfy the most aggressive chewers.

Aging Chewers

Mature dogs have special chewing needs. That’s why KONG created KONG Senior Rubber formula for toys soft enough to provide older dogs with a comfortable chewing outlet.

Choose: Purple KONG Senior Rubber. Springy enough to satisfy chewing instincts, this softer formula is gentle on aging teeth and gum.

Your dog’s chewing style will change as they move through life. Keep an eye on how they play with their chew toys so you can be sure to treat them to toys made with the best-suited KONG rubber formula to keep them happily—and safely—chewing.

Want to learn how to extend the fun for all styles of chewers? Find out how to strategically stuff a KONG for long-lasting mental enrichment and chewing satisfaction.

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