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KONG & the Myth of Indestructibility

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Are KONG products really indestructable?

“You’ve got to get your dog a KONG. They’re indestructible!”
You’ve heard it. We’ve heard it. It’s simply not true.
While we’re flattered when people sing our praises, no safe dog toy is completely indestructible.

Dogs’ teeth and jaws are beautifully designed to destruct. That’s how their ancestors survived before the invention of conveniently bite-sized kibbles. And while today’s dogs are given regular meals, the instinct to chew that kept jaws and teeth strong and sharp for wild dogs’ survival still lives in their minds. Durable KONG Rubber toys are made to satisfy that natural instinct and teach dogs appropriate chewing behavior. To learn how to use KONG to help prevent destructive chewing click here.

While every dog has natural chewing instincts, not every dog expresses them in the same way. Each dog has its own chewing style. That’s why there are different KONG Rubber formulas. Learn more about them here.

Supervise your dog with all new toys until you’ve seen that they play with it safely. For many dogs, a KONG Puppy, Classic, Extreme or Senior toy is an ideal toy to leave with them. It’s all about knowing your unique dog and how they chew.

While our KONG Rubber toys have delivered countless hours of blissful chewing to millions of dogs around the world, not all of our toys are made to chew. We know that dogs need a range of activities to keep them happy and healthy. Here’s a quick guide to some of our most popular toys and their suggested uses:

KONG Classic – Ideal for chewing, fetching and slow feeding.

KONG Wubba – Ideal for interactive games of tug and fetch. Should not be chewed.

KONG Wobbler – Ideal for slow feeding and mental stimulation. Should not be chewed.

KONG Plush – Ideal for cuddling, licking and gentle interactive play. Should not be chewed.

KONG Squeezz – Ideal for dogs that love squeakers and interactive play. Should not be chewed.

Enjoy these toys in the way they were designed to be used and remember that when it comes to dogs, nothing is indestructible—except for the love between you and your dog.

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