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Give Your Puppy a Smart Start with KONG

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KONG works with puppies too!

A brand-new puppy is one of the greatest joys in life. Between their fluffy fur, puppy breath and kisses it’s hard not to fall in love. But soon those sweet puppy kisses turn into nibbles and those sharp puppy teeth hurt!

To puppies, chewing is a natural instinct and everything is a chew toy. But they don’t know what’s OK to chew and what’s not. They chew because they’re curious and in their first six months, 28 baby teeth will grow through their gums and that hurts! So they also chew to ease their gum pain.

Giving your puppy a variety of safe chew toys teaches them appropriate chewing behavior that will last a lifetime and we have a safe, durable and chewy solution designed just for them. Our natural KONG Puppy toys were created especially for those small needle teeth. The unique, natural rubber formula is the most gentle of our KONG rubber toy line, soothing their gums as your teething pup chews.

Daily KONG time can help you raise a healthy, happy pup – because a busy puppy is a happy puppy. Along with reinforcing safe, appropriate and lasting chewing behavior, every time you and your pup play together with a Puppy KONG, you are growing the bond between you and your new furry, family member. With its erratic bounce, the Puppy KONG also provides lots of enrichment, making it really great for those puppies that just want to play!

You probably don’t need any excuse to watch puppy videos, but check out this video to learn more about how KONG can help with puppyhood and how to introduce and use the toy:

Chews the right size Puppy KONG

Whether your pup is the tiniest Pug, a medium-sized Labrador Retriever, or the largest Great Dane ever, it’s really important to get the right size KONG. Your puppy should be able to comfortably chew on their KONG—but not fit it completely inside their mouth. They should also be able to pick it up and play with it. Our KONG Puppy toy size chart is designed to help you chose the correctly sized KONG for your dog. But if you’re still not sure about what size to choose, always size up for safety.

Start Smart

Knowing how to use the Puppy KONG correctly from the very beginning is important to ensure long lasting fun and enjoyment. Introduce the KONG in a way that helps your pup get excited about their new, delicious treat toy. Use an enthusiastic and animated voice while playing a bit of hard-to-get-to pique your puppy’s interest.

Filling Matters

Filling the Puppy KONG with your pup’s favorite, healthy snacks encourages them to chew—and provides mental stimulation that helps burn off some of that endless puppy energy. Until your pup is more of a KONG pro user, it’s important to stuff loosely to provide an easy win. If you pack too tightly your pup could get frustrated and lose interest. And what else can you put in a KONG for a puppy? KONG Puppy Easy Treat is uniquely formulated to be gentle on tender puppy tummies and in a delicious chicken liver flavor that is sure to entice and engage. If you’re not sure how to fill a KONG, it’s easy. We have a simple, four-step guide and check out this video.

For a longer-lasting challenge that also soothes sore gums, freeze a stuffed KONG for a few hours before your puppy enjoys it. As your puppy grows into adulthood, we have a range of other recipes you might like to try. And, once your pup gets their adult teeth at about nine months, they can graduate to other chew toys, such as KONG Classic or KONG Extreme based on their chewing style.

Enjoy puppyhood!

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