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Partner Programme

KONG is committed to ensuring a consistent global customer experience and maintaining a high-quality product line across all distribution channels. KONG solely works with a network of selected distributors throughout Europe as we do not supply directly to customers.

In 2019 KONG launched our European Partner Programme – a legally approved Selective Distribution System of authorised KONG Partners, selected on the basis of objective quality criteria.

To purchase KONG products from our distributors you will need to apply for authorisation. To become an authorised reseller your company must meet and comply with our KONG European Partner Programme authorisation criteria. Please find below the criteria KONG have introduced within the European Partner Programme, which outlines the measures that KONG expects its Resellers to follow.


Embedded Criteria is in English, should you need the Criteria in another language please find the translated documents at the end of this page.


1.1 You must have an established reputation and track record for the retail sale of good quality pet toys and supplies, or a documented financial and business plan aiming at establishing such a reputation and track record.

1.2 You must have irreproachable professional conduct and history of such conduct. You must undertake sales in a customer-friendly, trustworthy, punctual, correct, accurate, and generally high quality manner.

1.3 KONG brand advocates aspire to educate vs. sell the KONG brand.


2.1 In order to be able to offer consumers the correct KONG for their dog, you must promote and sell the full line of KONG Classic toys and consumables (snacks and treats). You must maintain sufficient stocks to satisfy customer demand.

2.2 You agree to provide KONG with reports of your inventories, sales, and other pertinent information regarding your handling of the Products (including, without limitation, details of sales and revenues achieved for each Authorised Physical Store and Authorised Website from which you sell KONG products as applicable)), as KONG may from time to time reasonably request.

2.3 You must not ship or sell the Products to any customers outside of Europe. You must obtain KONG’s express written authorisation before making any sales to any customers based outside of Europe.

2.4 You must sell the Products in their original packaging and never modify original KONG packaging or the Products in any way before reselling.


3.1 You will be responsible for and must comply with all applicable local and European Union regulations, statutes, and rules.

3.2 You must not use, disseminate, or disclose any of KONG’s confidential information which you receive or to which you have access as an Authorised Reseller, except as may be strictly necessary to properly perform your obligations as an Authorised Reseller or as my be required by law.

3.3 You must notify each of your employees who are involved in the sales of KONG products of these criteria and what is required of them. You must establish policies and procedures that will ensure compliance with these Criteria and must take affirmative steps to ensure compliance.

3.4 You must preserve and enhance the reputation and goodwill of KONG and the KONG products and agree to avoid any illegal or unethical actions, including without limitation “bait and switch” practices. You must not engage in unfair sales practices or make incorrect, misleading, deceptive, or denigrating statements about KONG or the Products.

Please fully review the authorization criteria above and click the “Acknowledge” button to proceed. Only if your business complies with all the criteria, you can become an authorised reseller. Please note you are not authorised until you have received your unique authorisation code.
Are you a Pet Specialty Retailer? (Defined as: The majority of your business revenue coming from Pet Products, and not a general reseller)
Do you agree NOT to sell KONG on a Third-Party Marketplace, such as Amazon or eBay?

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Authorised Reseller of KONG products. Based on the information you have provided and our understanding of the way in which you carry out your business, it is with regret that we cannot authorise you to sell KONG products.

The reason for this decision is because you did not meet one of the following requirements:

  • According to our main criteria your Business must be a Pet Specialty Company (specialised in selling only Pet Products), who have an established reputation and track record for the retail sale of good quality pet toys and supplies. We are a pet specialty focused business, so we restrict sales in outlets that do not meet our criteria.
  • KONG’s European Partner Programme has been designed to ensure that customers and their pets receive a correct, high-quality and, most importantly, safe KONG toys. This Programme involves KONG working with a limited number of partners and KONG has already admitted the maximum number of resellers on the Amazon Marketplace. Therefore, we don’t accept any applications for selling KONG on Amazon.
  • 3rd Party Websites stated in the Reseller Criteria, including eBay, are prohibited.

We wish you well with your business and respectfully ask you to refrain from selling KONG items.

Please wait while we direct you to the European Partner Program Application. If you are not automatically redirected please click here.