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Are KONG Dog Toys Indestructible?

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Word has spread that KONG toys are indestructible, is that true?

Legends of the indestructible KONG toy bounce around dog parks and social media like, well, a bouncy KONG.

And while we’re flattered about the buzz, that legend is indeed a myth. No safe dog toy is completely indestructible.

Dogs’ teeth and jaws are beautifully designed to destruct. They’re made that way for a reason. Before the invention of conveniently bite-sized kibbles, dogs’ wild ancestors needed those sharp teeth and strong jaws to survive. And while today’s dogs are given regular meals, the drive to chew that kept jaws and teeth strong and sharp for wild dogs’ survival still lives in the minds of our domesticated friends. Durable KONG Rubber toys are made to satisfy that natural chewing instinct and teach dogs appropriate chewing behavior. Learn more on how to use KONG to prevent destructive chewing.

KONG Rubber Selection

While not completely indestructible, KONG Rubber toys are, however, designed for safety and long-lasting durability. Although every dog has natural chewing instincts, not every dog expresses them in the same way. Each dog has his or her own chewing style. That’s why we developed different KONG Rubber formulas to challenge and satisfy each. You might be most familiar with the bright red KONG Classic Rubber, but there are three other rubber formulas. Each is a different color for easy identification.

KONG Puppy Rubber. Best for teething chewers.

In addition to the chewing instincts, puppies are born with more reasons to chew: the 28 baby teeth erupting through their gums. Just like with humans, incoming teeth can hurt. Chewing helps alleviate the pain. The pink and blue KONG Puppy Rubber is especially formulated to be soft enough to provide teething relief, yet durable enough to withstand sharp puppy teeth.

KONG Classic Rubber. Best for average chewers.

After about nine months of enjoying KONG Puppy Rubber toys, most dogs are ready to graduate to bright red Classic KONG Rubber. Harder and denser than KONG Puppy Rubber, this rubber is formulated for adult teeth and satisfies the chewing needs of most dogs. In addition, KONG Classic Rubber is wonderfully bouncy. The snowman shape and the dynamic rubber combine to make a toy with an irresistibly erratic bounce dogs love to chase—great for games of fetch.

KONG Extreme Rubber. Best for power chewers.

Power chewers have strong jaws. These are the dogs who are able to shred most toys before pet parents can even recycle the packaging. Fortunately, KONG has engineered an ultra-durable rubber for these pups: black KONG Extreme Rubber. Formulated for super strong jaws, KONG Extreme Rubber is tough enough to withstand power chewing, but has enough springy rebound to keep it fun to chew.

KONG Senior Rubber. Best for aging chewers.

Older dogs have special chewing needs. That’s why KONG created KONG Senior Rubber formula. This purple rubber is soft enough to provide aging dogs with a comfortable chewing outlet, yet dense and springy enough to deliver chewing satisfaction. Dignified dogs still need exercise and enrichment!

Need help determining which KONG Rubber formula would be safest, most fun and most durable for your unique pup? Click here. Learn how to choose the right size KONG for your dog—as well as lots of tasty recipes for KONG stuffing.

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