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The Relaxation Station

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With the house being hectic, what you can do so your dog stays calm.

The sounds, smells, and activity of the holiday season are exciting for people and pets alike. So what can you do to keep things from going from fun to frightening for your dog this season?

Try the Relaxation Station

When the hustle and bustle of the holidays involves a party or a meal at your house, how does your dog handle it? Does he try to help himself to the holiday spread, loudly howl his own Christmas carols, or try to unwrap the presents under the tree? If so, try giving him a relaxation station.

When the house is hectic, having a calm place to relax and unwind can work wonders for your dog’s behavior.

Help teach him where his relaxation station is by using a stuffed KONG. Ideally, the relaxation station is in a quiet, low traffic area, and contains his crate or favorite bed. Stuff a KONG with a tasty holiday recipe, then be sure to give it to your dog excitedly while directing him to his relaxation station. Make sure to stuff the KONG lightly at first, so it’s easy for him to get the reward. Praise your dog for lying quietly at his station and enjoying his KONG. Make sure to do this a few weeks or days before the big event so your dog gets used to his station, so he is able to stay calm during any hectic holiday events!

Looking for a quick treat to stuff into your dog’s KONG for the holidays? Check out our KONG Apple Pie recipe.

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