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Springtime Safety – Pet Friendly Plants

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Know which plants your dog can be around!

As the weather starts warming up, the colors of the landscape become more vibrant, we all know that feeling that spring has sprung upon us! With this welcome change in weather there also comes potential threats for our furry friends.

If possible, it is always a good idea to limit your pets’ access to your garden beds. Not only does this control the amount of romping around (and sometimes damage) they do in there, but this way you can restrict their access to plants they could get their mouths on. This is especially important for puppies as they’re learning the ropes and what is appropriate and maybe not so appropriate to eat. Fence off your beds with cedar fencing or chicken-wire or consider a more permanent solution like a raised-bed garden that is elevated from curious pups.

Pet Friendly Plants

Here is a list of pet-friendly plants to add to your garden or planter for a worry-free gardening season.

Garden Marigolds
These flowers are commonly found in flower and vegetable gardens not only because of their vibrant blooms, but because they attract bees and help deter bugs that might eat your veggie patch.

This fragrant herb is used commonly in recipes, perfumes and is a great addition to your dog-friendly garden. If your pup happens to run through a patch of this herb, we guarantee you won’t mind the added benefit of this natural perfume!

Fennel is not only safe if your dog decides to take a taste of this common edible bulb & herb, but it can actually help with stinky dog breath.

This ornamental but edible plant adds color to your garden and a spicy zing to your summertime dishes

This summer garden staple is a must for all Italian meals, but also is safe for curious 4-legged companions.

This dill-icious addition to your garden is not only safe for your dog, but can aid in digestion and freshen their breath.

This herb is flavorful and can even help aid in your pet’s digestion if used in moderation.

We love this pet-friendly plant as a way to help cure stinky breath. Check out our Pup-permint recipe that features this fresh herb.

Parsley plant
Another breath-freshening herb that is easy on animals’ stomachs. Try using it in our KONG Pup-permint recipe.

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