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Rescue Spotlight: POSO Dog Rescue and Working Breeds

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The Siberian Husky: a fascinating mix of elegance and stamina. Their wolf-like charm is captivating, but make no mistake, these high-energy dogs are all about the hustle. Before diving head-first into the pet parentship of high-energy dogs, it’s important to remember that it’s a commitment—one that promises unparalleled joy, provided you’re up for the ride. 

Jessica Thomas is the founder of POSO Dog Rescue in Colorado, which includes Huskies and other working breeds. She wants you to know that beneath their piercing eyes and arctic-ready coats lies an eager working dog brimming with energy. Not your typical housedog.

Balls of energy. Huskies aren’t your regular backyard roamers. Originally bred to pull hefty equipment across snow-laden expanses for the survival of their communities, as family dogs they still seek energetic action like extended games of fetch or time with a long-distance running partner who can put in the milesat least twice a day. But that’s not all; their minds are just as active as their limbs. Their “squirrel!” moments need consistent engagement—be it hikes, playful tugs, or challenging puzzle toys—to keep them mentally stimulated & enriched, and to keep them from destroying your house 

Enter POSO Rescue: Rescuing Dogs and Training People Jess Thomas holding two puppies outside

Celebrating its fourth anniversary this year, POSO Dog Rescue has become synonymous with working breed well-beingA few years ago, when Jessica was in California on a work trip, she was shocked by the alarming number of Huskies in shelters. Not one to let these precious souls spend their lingering days bored in shelters, or worse, euthanized, she began to integrate rescuing and transporting Huskies into her monthly corporate travels. Jessica saved 35 Husky lives in her first year alone, bringing them back to her home state of Colorado to be adopted into new homes. Her commitment to rescuing working breeds and educating their new families has been strong ever since. 

At POSO, training is paramount. Each dog and their foster or adopting family gets specialized attention to address unique behavioral quirks by professional trainers.  The best part? The first two training sessions won’t cost the adopting family a dime since POSO pays for them out of pocket. Beyond adoptions, POSO is all about community building—with monthly in-person pack walks & group classes, as well as online classes for long-distance learners.  

POSO‘s affiliations don’t end in Colorado: their network extends to shelters in California and Texas, focusing on dogs in dire circumstances. While their work and rescue group began with Huskies, they accommodate other breeds, ensuring every canine in their care finds the perfect forever home or foster family. 

Myth-Busting & Husky Parenting 

Adopting a Husky, or any working dog breed, as a pet is about so much more than their majestic looks and the dream of playful romping in the snow. It’s about understanding their evolution from fluffy puppies into dynamic, high-energy adults. These exuberant dogs need structure and mental relaxation. Like children, they crave routine, direction, and understanding. 

Before committing, ask yourself these questions: Jess Thomas with her dog outside who is laying on a dog mat

  • Am I ready for a decade+ canine companion? 
  • Can my current lifestyle accommodate a dog?  
  • Am I active outdoors? Do I like running, hiking, or other long-distance activities? 
  • Do I have time for daily enrichment sessions with puzzle toys or training? 
  • Am I aware of the breed beyond social media and viral videos? 
  • How would an energetic, overachieving dog fit into my current family dynamics? 

Do you have a working dog? Do you know if your dog is considered a “working dog” or a high-energy breed? Some signs of this are that your dog gets bored easily, can be destructive in the home when they don’t have enough activity or engagement, and can even be found “herding” your kids together when they are scattered about the room. To help you recognize if you have a high-energy or working dog, here are a few breeds that can be considered for this category: 

  • Alaskan Malamute 
  • Aussie 
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Border Collie
  • Cattle Dog  
  • German Shepherd 
  • German Shorthaired Pointer Four people with their logs all in a line standing outside on the grass
  • Great Pyrenees  
  • Jack Russell  
  • Labrador Retriever (field lab) 
  • Siberian Husky

Some mixed-breed dogs may only have some of the above DNA, and some dogs who are high-energy might not be any of these breeds at all. However, they all need sufficient enrichment time to help them use their energy efficiently. 

Adoption is a marathon, not a sprint. Be patient in finding your perfect match, learn about the breed, and be honest about your lifestyle and what your family can offer the breed. Living the Husky life, especially with POSO, isn’t merely about adoption. It’s about a symbiotic relationship that enriches the lives of both dog and owner. So, if you’re ready to commit, POSO is ready to meet you and match you with your perfect canine companion. 

Join the POSO Movement 

POSO thrives on community love. Funded solely by community donations, they also host pop-up markets spotlighting local vendors. To join the mission, drop a line at 

Instagram: @poso_dog_rescue   Look out for POSO’s new posts on free training opportunities in Denver, Boulder, Longmont, and online. 

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