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Prevent Your Dog’s Back to School Blues

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Your kid may be ready for school to start, but chances are that your dog isn't.

For families with non-furry kids as well as kids with wagging tails, this time of year can mean lots of change and excitement. Keep in mind that when students head back to school it means big adjustments for the entire family—including your dog. Here are some tips for easing the transition.

Do Your Homework First

Before your schedule gets crazy with Back to School Night and carpools, stuff a few KONGs and throw them in the freezer to have handy. Need help finding recipes your dog will love? Check out these.

Make Breakfast Work

In the morning, when everyone leaves at once—except for your dog—it can be stressful. Feeding your dog right before takeoff time with a slow-feeding treat puzzle can help reduce anxiety. Use a KONG Wobbler for the morning meal. The large Wobbler can hold one cup of kibble and the small Wobbler can hold half of a cup, making them an easy swap for food bowls. The added activity and stimulation not only makes meals last longer, it also helps burn off extra energy and anxiety.

Home Alone

When school and work keep the family away all day, hide a treat-filled KONG somewhere in the house. By doing this you provide a fun challenge to occupy and distract your dog while letting them exercise their natural hunting instincts to search for their KONG. You will also provide a tasty mentally stimulating reward that reduces stress and loneliness and rewards good behavior while you’re away.

Afterschool Playtime

When your family’s home for the day, make sure to set aside some playtime with your dog. It’s an excellent source of exercise for everyone. Take the KONG toy your dog has unstuffed during the day and bring it to the backyard for a fun and bouncy game of fetch.

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