White picture frames of dogs on a gray wall

Pets and Home Decor: Incorporating Your Furry Family Members Into Your Interior Design

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Put some photos up on the wall of your dogs!

Pet parents love showcasing their furry friends. They truly are a part of the family, so here are some fun ideas for tastefully incorporating your pets into your home decor!

Pet Family Photos

A gallery wall can really set a space apart. Photos of family, good times, fond memories, and your pets can all go together.

Simple, clean framing makes even silly photos look chic.

You can print the images in black and white for a more dramatic effect.

Pet portraits

Pet portraits are a wonderful way to pay homage to your pets while adding an artistic flair to your space. Just like any piece of art, a great pet portrait can become a major focal point of a room. You can frame your portrait however you like, and many companies offer several options to choose from when it comes to print size.

Pet Toy Storage

Storing your pet’s toys doesn’t have to be a chore and they don’t have to be thrown in a box in the corner, either! A few inexpensive items can transform your pet’s play area and make your home look more organized and fun. Check out more tips and tricks here.

Have fun with it! Whether you want every room to be animal print and feathers, or only a couple pops of pet pictures, do what makes you feel comfy and cozy in your space!

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