Naughty Dogs Are Bored Dogs 

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Is your dog misbehaving or just bored? 

Barking, chewing, digging, and attention-seeking are all symptoms of a dog that has nothing to do. Redirecting all that energy into something positive is an easy and effective way to keep your dog out of mischief.

One way to do that is with treat dispensing toys. If you are still feeding your dog out of a bowl you are missing huge training and enrichment opportunities. It takes your dog about 10 seconds to finish his meal when eating out of a bowl. But if you put that same meal into a treat dispensing toy it may take him 10 minutes or more to eat the entire meal. That’s golden time. 

Treat dispensing toys 

You can use treat dispensing toys to keep your dog busy when your neighbor drops by, when the plumber is at the house, or just when you want five minutes to yourself. Anytime you need your dog to be occupied, give him a puzzle toy stuffed with treats or his daily meal to turn mealtime into training time.  

You can also use your dog’s regular meal serving as a treat! Instead of serving them their food in a bowl all at once, you can give them the same amount of food in small servings as treats throughout the day, or in a KONG Classic. This is beneficial for adult dogs’ health, as this way you are not adding too many calories or rich foods into their diet. Feeding their meal in a KONG Classic provides both mental and physical exercise for your dog.  It is also designed to be played with when it’s empty so, once your dog finishes his meal, he will continue to engage with it. A huge bonus is that it is extremely easy to clean leftover food that your dog missed. 

Any “dog safe” food can be stuffed in a KONG Classic. The higher value the food, the more your dog is motivated to engage with it. Another big bonus is that you can even freeze the KONG which keeps your dog occupied for even longer–kind of like a video game for your dog. The KONG Classic is, well, a “classic” for a reason, but there are many additional KONG toys to keep your dog working. Other great treat dispensing toys like the Wobbler, Gyro, and Bamboo Dumbbell can also provide a positive outlet for all that doggie energy through enrichment and all-important mental exercise.  

Treat dispensing toys can be used every day in your home as well as in the car, at the vet, or any public place. Bad weather keeping your dog from their walks? During cold and rain, these toys will keep your dog busy. 

Put your training in easy mode. Make the toys do all the work for you, keeping your dog busy, enriched, and out of trouble. 

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