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Effective February 3, 2020

Any previous Agreements are superseded by this updated Agreement and Policy

KONG is committed to ensuring a consistent customer experience and maintaining a high-quality product line across all distribution channels. To ensure compliance, download and review KONG’s Authorized Online Seller Agreement, Reseller Policy, and MAP Policy. Following the review of these documents complete the below application in its entirety. Click here for the Authorized Reseller Policy, Authorized Online Seller Agreement, MAP Policy, and 2020 KONG MAP Price List.

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By submitting this The KONG Company, LLC Authorized Online Seller Application (the “Application”), Applicant acknowledges that authorization to sell on the Requested Websites is granted only once Applicant and The Kong Company, LLC (“KONG”) have both executed The KONG Company, LLC Authorized Online Seller Agreement. Submitting this Application does not authorize Applicant to sell KONG Products on the Requested Websites, and KONG has no obligation to accept Applicant’s request to sell KONG Products on any or all of the Requested Websites. If Applicant is approved to sell KONG Products on any or all of the Requested Websites, Applicant agrees that it will abide by the terms in The Kong Company, LLC Authorized Online Seller Agreement with respect to any approved websites. Applicant indicates such agreement by signing The Kong Company, LLC Authorized Online Seller Agreement uploaded.