Dogtopia Doggy Daycare: Daily Enrichment for Every Dog

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How Dogtopia Doggy Daycare is keeping dogs busy and happy.



This is the before and after of a dog who has spent a day playing, socializing, and engaging in enrichment activities and quiet time.

But how can you provide all of this with your busy schedule?  

Enter: Dogtopia doggy daycare.  

Daycare at Dogtopia is kind of like school for dogs of all ages—participating in activities that engage their senses, fulfilling curiosity, burning physical energy with exercise, and resting when they’re tired.  

Dogtopia doggy daycare provides appropriate outlets for dogs’ varying types of energy while under the care and watchful eyes of certified Canine Coaches. Dogs who attend daycare here multiple times a week begin to develop relationships with their Canine Coaches, running to them as soon as they enter the room, looking to them for guidance, and adding a new friend to their pack. The dogs also form bonds with each other in their playgroups—sniffing and getting to know each other’s playstyles while interacting in a safe space.  

Since humans have brought dogs indoors and made them part of their families, dogs have been dealing with the challenges of less interaction with other animals, fewer “pack members,” less sniffing and exercise, and overall, less healthy types of stimulation. Dogs really aren’t meant to sit inside all day. That’s why it’s so important to provide them with these healthy outlets, whether you do it on your own or take them to daycare.  

Dogtopia focuses on integrating three main enrichment components into daily daycare routines: group and individual exercise, education, and socialization. Each of these components has its own set of activities to help boost your dog’s confidence: 


Mental and physical exercise are both equally important forms of enrichment. Running and playing helps them with physical fitness, while exposure to new sights, sounds, smells, etc., gives your dog the enrichment they need to be mentally healthy. Additionally, there are doggy arts & crafts projects and daily quiet time with a stuffed KONG® Classic to round out their days.  


Dogtopia’s Canine Coaches work with your pups to train for basic commands and manners like recall, sitting, going inside or outside, backing up, etc. Each action they practice has its own verbal cue, and each correct action is met with positive reinforcement. Canine Coaches step away from bad behavior like jumping and only praise when there’s four on the floor.


At Dogtopia, dogs are grouped by similar size and temperament, so they can safely learn the art of socializing with likeminded pups. Time spent with humans and other dogs helps them learn from each other and become confident in new environments. Socialization also helps dogs to live longer, more fulfilled lives!

Fun fact: When a step monitor was placed on dogs for a typical day at Dogtopia, the average daily step count was 60,000 steps!

How do I know if doggy daycare is right for my dog?

All dogs can benefit from daycare. Whether you and your family are gone all day at work or school, or if you work from home and your dogs are inside all day, exercise, education, and socialization are important for all dogs to experience daily. And while taking your dog on daily walks is important and helps to build the connection between you and your dog, adding daycare into their weekly routine takes enrichment to the next level. 

If you have a dog that seems nervous or hesitant, Dogtopia encourages you to bring your dog in for an evaluation, followed by one-on-one sessions of integrative work. Little by little, as the Canine Coaches feel it’s appropriate, your dog will be slowly and respectfully introduced to the new surroundings, other dogs one at a time, and other types of exposure until the Canine Coach feels they are ready to be fully integrated into the new environment.  

Visit to get one complimentary week of unlimited daycare for your pup at a location near you! Learn more about Dogtopia and discover a wealth of dog wellness resources at and on their social channels.



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