Cozie Ultra Ana Alligator

Cozie Ultra Ana Alligator Photo
KONG toy
Cozie Ultra Ana Alligator Photo
M, Green
L, Green
  • dog paw Ultra-Durable KONG Ultra-Tex fabric for action-packed fun
  • dog paw Ripstop material and reinforced seams for long-lasting play
  • dog paw Robust liner stands-up to instinctual chewing instincts

The KONG Cozie Ultra Alligator uses KONG Ultra-Tex fabric construction, which combines ultra-durable technology that uniquely supports action-packed fun. The ripstop material and reinforced seams are supported with a robust interior liner and is designed to fulfill a dog’s natural hunting and chewing instincts. Multiple reinforcements, including five times more stitching, add strength and durability ensuring that long-lasting fun is supported. Add to that internal squeakers and dense levels of stuffing and this toy is sure to keep playtime going and going and going.

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