Wrangler™ Cactus

Wrangler™ Cactus Photo
KONG toy
Wrangler™ Cactus Photo
One Size, Green
  • dog paw Long, plush body ideal for full-bodied wrestling
  • dog paw Crackling pot piques hunting instincts
  • dog paw Tethered toy rewards grab-and-capture play
  • dog paw Hide treats or catnip in pot to extend playtime
KONG Wrangler Cactus’ long, robust build rewards instinctual full-body wrestling and hind-paw kicking. The crackling potted base continues the engagement by piquing natural instincts and adds to the fun with a tethered design that delights catch and grab behavior. The two toys tethered together also have the added benefit of toy-loss prevention. Vary playtime by planting treats or additional catnip in the pot adding to the thrill of discovery for curious kitties. KONG North American Premium Catnip help make this kitty cactus bloom with long-lasting fun.
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