Pull-A-Partz™ Sushi

Pull-A-Partz™ Sushi Photo
KONG toy
Pull-A-Partz™ Sushi Photo
One Size, Multi
  • dog paw 5-toys-in-1 for endless play variety
  • dog paw Crackly sushi board base ideal for wrestling fun
  • dog paw Varied pull-a-part toys entice stalk & grab play
KONG Pull-A-Partz Sushi’s 5-toys-in-1 deliver an endless feast of multi-sensory fun based on a crinkly sushi board that invites healthy wrestling. Pulling edamame, shrimp and soy sauce from hook-and-closure patches satisfies dismantling instincts while each lightweight, bat-table toy inspires play with KONG Premium North American Catnip inside, extending the action.
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