KONG Animais de estimação


KONG toy


I Live With:
Cori Brandow


Years at KONG:
2 Years

Favorite Toy:
KONG Refillables, especially the Feather Top Carrot! Sway 'N Play, Glide 'N Seek, KONG Laser, Stellar Teaser, Chiprz Wrangler, or anything brings out my need to hunt! Scratchers and Catnip are a must! Also the Gyro, this is actually a KONG dog toy, but I love the challenge of making it dispense my favorite treats!

Favorite Stuff’N:

'“Meow” means “woof” in cat' – George Carlin (comedian)

I follow my mom everywhere! I love playing, especially with the neighborhood kids, getting bugs, and going for walks outside on my leash!

Favorite Movie:
Funny cat videos!

Favorite Song:
“All I Wanna Do is Play” by Ralph's World

Did You Know?
Ragdoll cats are often known as “dog-like, or puppy-like” cats due to behavioral characteristics such as their tendency to follow their owners from room to room seeking physical attention, their ease at being physically handled, and their relative lack of aggression toward other pets. The name “Ragdoll” comes from their tendency to go limp, or become floppy, when they are picked up. They can be extremely docile, which has led to the myth that Ragdolls are pain resistant. Hmmm...

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