De huisdieren van KONG

Lennard Smythe Kensington

Lennard Smythe Kensington

I Live With:
Alison Molton

Jack Russel Yorkshire Terrier Mix

Years at KONG:

Favorite Toy:
Stuffed KONG Classic large or Medium. Followed by a Bounzer, Wobbler, Gyro, Tilts and KONG plush duck small

Favorite Stuff’N:
Cheddar Cheese easy treat all day long. Preferably frozen over some green peas.

"A sausage a day keeps the vet at bay."

Sitting on, following or hanging out with Alison wherever she goes

Favorite Movie:
Kill Bill (the postman)

Favorite Song:
Sir Mix a Lot: Baby Got Back

Did You Know?
I live in a house with 5 other furry friends but I am the KING!