De huisdieren van KONG

Dixie & Zoey

Dixie & Zoey

I Live With:
Samantha Lujan-Brace

American Eskimo/Husky, Chihuahua Mix

Years at KONG:
6 months (both)

Favorite Toy:
TenniShoes Tiger, Anything with a squeaker

Favorite Stuff’N:
Yogurt and Treats, Yogurt and carrots

"Let’s play!!!!", "Hey you, what are you doing? Pick me up!"

Stealing toys from my sister, cuddling and going on walks / Playing with my sister, cuddling and keeping an eye on the house

Favorite Movie:
Frozen / Bolt

Favorite Song:
Thunder: Imagine Dragons / Roar: Katy Perry

Did You Know?
My second favorite toy is my mom’s shoes! / I have a sonic bark just like Bolt!