Les animaux de KONG

Tofu & Bruno

KONG toy

Tofu & Bruno

I Live With:
Tiina Rahkonen

Golden Retriever & Miniature Poodle

Years at KONG:

Favorite Toy:
Tofu loves food and all food dispensing toys, KONG Wobbler especially. Licking tasty, frozen KONG Classics is great fun for both. Bruno loves chasing fast moving balls and gets excited about noisy toys, such as KONG Babbler.

Favorite Stuff’N:
KONG Easy Treat Liver, KONG Bacon and Cheese Snacks and Pure Peanut Butter

"We, dogs teach you unconditional love. If you have that in your life, things won’t be too bad."

Hiking, swimming, foraging blueberries and mushrooms, chilling and going to sauna

Favorite Movie:
Eight Below. A great story of love, loyalty and persistence.

Favorite Song:
Ice bound: Mark Isham

Did You Know?
We, all dogs living in Helsinki Metropolitan area, have our own island where we can run free and play with our mates. It is centrally located – between Finland’s President’s and Prime Minister’s official residences.

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