Les animaux de KONG


KONG toy


I Live With:
Natarscha (KONG Marketing Director Australia) , David, Christopher (age 6) and Alexander (age 6 months) my hoomans and Nemo and FunFish my goldfish siblings

"kelderemma" this is a made-up name my mum made, because if “oodle” dogs get their own breed so do I! (Kelpie x Border Collie x Maremma)

Years at KONG:
2 months

Favorite Toy:
Wild Knot Bear

Favorite Stuff’N:
Puppy paste mixed with my kibble and veggies

"My special job is to kill the ’evil’ outdoor broom and protect my family"

Chewing everything in sight and chasing the birds in my backyard

Favorite Movie:
LILO and STITCH (the movie I'm named after!)

Favorite Song:
Old Town Road because this is what my owner Christopher sings to me ALL the time, I think it must be his favourite so that makes it mine too

Did You Know?
I am crossed with 3 working dog breeds, so my Mum is hoping this makes me super smart - jury is still out!

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