Les animaux de KONG

Sir Jude McLovin “Jude”

KONG toy

Sir Jude McLovin “Jude”

I Live With:
Andrew Pfeifer

Mix – Mixed with cuteness is all that I know, or so I am told ;) Rescued from 4 Paws 4 Life Rescue

Years at KONG:

Favorite Toy:
KONG Tiltz and Gyro. If it gives me food or treats…I AM IN!!! In fact, I pretty much refused to eat, if I can’t eat it out of my Tiltz. And Gyro…well I got to be on the puppy package for that one, that is how much I love it!

Favorite Stuff’N:
Peanut Butter Spread

“All you need is love.” – John Lennon & Paul McCartney

Chewing on antlers, hiking, napping with my dad, going to the park, sunning myself on the patio and PLAYING with other dogs

Favorite Movie:
The Secret Life of Pets

Favorite Song:
Hey Jude: The Beatles

Did You Know?
I love to go on adventures with my parents. I even have an Instagram account to keep track of them.

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