Les animaux de KONG


KONG toy


I Live With:
Cori Brandow

Australian Shepherd

Years at KONG:
Almost 1 month, since I'm only about 12 weeks old!

Favorite Toy:
KONG Comfort Cozie Bear, KONG Shakers, Puppy KONG, any KONG toy with rope, and I love treat dispensing KONG toys that give me a job to get my food out!

Favorite Stuff’N:
Puppy Recipe

“Work Hard Play Harder”

I'm a puppy so I sleep a lot! I love playing with my KONG toys! I'm a fast learner so I love training and learning new tricks!

Favorite Movie:
Disney movie, Bolt!

Favorite Song:
I'll Be There For You, (Theme From Friends), I'm extremely loyal to my people!

Did You Know?
I live with 2 Ragdolls, and 1 short-hair tabby cat that I'm working hard on herding! So far, they are not cooperating, but I'll get them to eventually! One of the Ragdoll cats, Loki, is the boss and my best animal friend. He is basically a puppy and won't let me herd him, so we play tag instead!  

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