KONG Your Way

KONG products can be used in so many ways. Here a few ideas to get you started. We encourage you to discover more of your own.

KONGs are easy to keep clean and top-shelf dishwasher safe.

• KONGs, the KONG Wobbler, and KONG Genius toys are easy to fill with your dog’s normal serving of food. This simple step will make meal times last longer and increase your dog’s mental stimulation — and that’s good.

• Keep a Puppy KONG in the freezer to help soothe sore gums when your puppy is teething.

• You can never have too many KONGs. One in the dishwasher, one in the freezer and one for playing.

• KONGs are great stuffed with your pet’s favorite treats and food. Try putting a few small, broken dog biscuits into the KONG. Stuff with a mixture of steamed white fish, mashed potatoes, steamed carrots or whatever vegetables you have available.

• For a special treat, scramble an egg with some mixed vegetables and cheese. Then stuff the mixture into a KONG. Allow time to cool and serve to your four-legged gourmet.

• Make a frozen puppy treat for a hot summer’s day. Simply plug the small hole in a KONG with cheese and then fill with fish or beef stock and freeze. This one’s best enjoyed outside.

• Give your puppy a stuffed KONG when you have company or want to watch a favorite TV show. You’ll both be happily occupied.