Unwanted Barking

Some canine behavior problems, such as house soiling, affect only the pet’s owner. Excessive barking, on the other hand, can result in unhappy neighbors. Puppies bark to express themselves verbally and are entitled to a little expression. However, continual barking, for long periods of time, is a sign that your pet has a problem that requires attention.

Most problems associated with barking are due to attention seeking, boredom, or stress. A good remedy is regular exercise and providing toys, especially those stuffed with healthy treats. The more you can do to mentally and physically stimulate your dog, the better he or she will behave when you’re away.

In some cases, barking problems, such as those caused by fear or aggression, may need to be referred to a professional trainer or behaviorist.

Most dogs need to learn to use a KONG Classic rubber chew toy. We recommend a phased approach to ensure that your dog knows how to enjoy all of the benefits of this popular toy.

Phase 1: Toy introduction: Begin by filling the hollow section of the KONG toy with treats that are easily dispensed. Try smaller kibble or treats that fall out easily. KONG Stuff’N Easy Treats or peanut butter applied near the large opening of the KONG toy also work great and will ensure your dog’s understanding and success.

Phase 2: Maintain enrichment: After a week or two of easily emptied KONG toys, gradually increase the challenge by using larger treats or a combination of treats that are increasingly difficult to dislodge. Use your imagination or browse our Recipe Section for recommendations.

Phase 3: Advanced enrichment. Once your dog has mastered the phases above, try to add liquid, such as chicken broth, to your stuffed KONG and freeze for an even greater and longer-lasting challenge.