Introducing New Toys to Your Feline

Great ways to get your feline friend into the game.

Introducing New Toys to Your Feline
The typical approach to a new cat toy is to bring it home, take it out of the package, and toss it in the general direction of your cat. While that works for some felines, there are better ways to introduce new toys and initiate play in a more interactive fashion. We’ve put together some tips for cat owners to make playing with a new toy more fun for you and your feline friends.

Give Each New Toy a “Grand Opening”
A new toy shouldn’t have to compete for attention right off the bat. If you can hide away your cat’s other toys, it focuses the attention on the new play object. Bring out only one new toy at a time. In addition, you’ve probably noticed that your cat has certain times of day when he or she is feeling more energetic — perhaps in the morning or at dusk. If you can tap into that energy, your cat will be more receptive to playing with a new item. With cats that react to catnip, a small puff of KONG Catnip Spray can add to the enticement of a new toy.

Make It a Shared Experience
Your cat is aware of what you are doing and how you are feeling. If you present a new toy with excitement and enthusiasm, your cat is more likely to feel the same way about it. Take a few minutes to roll around a new ball toy, tease your cat with a Kickeroo tail, or skitter some new mice across the floor; it will heighten the experience for both of you. As a matter of safety, all new toys should be introduced under supervision to ensure that your cat plays with it safely and doesn’t attempt to destroy it.

Give It Some Time
We’ve heard many stories of cats that ignore a new toy at the outset — only to adopt it as a friend after a few days or weeks. If your feline is not immediately playful or receptive, don’t fret. As you know, cats like to do things their own way in their own time. You may find that over time and with repeated introduction, a new toy is just as likely to be accepted as the old ones. You should also swap out occasionally and reintroduce at a later date to refresh interest.

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