Stress & Boredom

Boredom and stress are leading causes of negative canine behaviour. Try to remove or avoid any situation that could cause your dog to feel stressed. Introduce your pet to new things in a slow, calm, and controlled manner using lots of praise and rewards.

Give your dog lots of time to explore and play with toys. Durable and safe toys can offer both stress and boredom relief for your dog and peace of mind for you. A stuffed KONG is fun and interesting and will keep your dog occupied for hours. It will also help to soothe sore gums during the teething process.

Keep your dog mentally stimulated by regularly rotating toys and using a variety of methods to feed your pet. Split your dog’s toy box into two or three piles, and put only one pile out for her to play with at a time. Stow the rest of the toys away for now, and in two or three weeks’ time, change them all around. Rotating your dog’s toys will help to keep them fresh and interesting. Repeat the same process with treat-dispensing toys for treats and kibble. These steps will make your dog’s day more enjoyable and exciting.

Your dog needs regular exercise outdoors. This is a perfect time to play, train, and bond with your pet. Interactive throw, retrieve, and tug toys are ideal for introducing more fun and variety into your dog’s life. Both you and your pet will benefit from fresh air, exercise, and mental stimulation.
A slow walk is great fun for your dog and beneficial to you. too. Visit different locations and allow your pet to explore. Your dog loves to sniff and finds it all relaxing and fun.