Basic Training with KONG for Cats

Here are some ways you can enrich your cat’s life, discourage negative displacement behaviours, and help increase the bond with your cat.

A cat without toys may be more tempted to take out its natural energy on other items in your home, such as furniture or even your feet. Therefore, a selection of toys and scratchers makes the perfect addition to the environment of a newly adopted cat. Toys mentioned in this article are available at pet shops nationwide, as well as select online shops.

Once a new feline family member is brought into the home, you will likely be very busy setting up a feeding schedule, kitten-proofing your house, and helping your pet adjust to its new life. Kittens are bundles of energy and will want to run, climb, and explore. Introducing a few toys is a critical part of helping your kitten to properly direct its natural hunting instincts, and playing with your cat will help nurture a newfound bond.
For very young kittens, we recommend starting with a catnip-free teaser, such as the KONG Swizzle Bird. This feather-tipped teaser — with an extra-long, sturdy pole — will help you mimic the actions of natural prey. You can slide it slowly or quickly on the floor, dangle it high above your kitten, or pull upward rapidly to launch the feathers into the sky. Let your new friend capture its prey a few times to help him or her feel rewarded for the effort.

As a kitten matures into kitty adolescence at around six months of age, you can introduce catnip toys, as a sensitivity to catnip will have developed in about 70 percent of cats. Catnip is a natural, non-addictive herb that encourages play. A perfect choice at this point is the KONG Kitten Kickeroo, a kitten-sized version of the KONG Kickeroo toy. It has a fun crinkle sound that helps arouse a kitten’s curiosity, and a fluffy tail whose movement proves irresistible to many young felines.