Enchanted Characters

Enchanted Characters Photo
KONG toy
Enchanted Characters Photo
One Size, Assorted
  • dog paw Center hole for easy grabbing and swatting
  • dog paw Crackle sound entices cats to play longer
  • dog paw Sparkling glitters engage kitties for added fun
  • dog paw Lightweight for easy batting and solo play
  • dog paw KONG Premium North American Catnip for extended play sessions
With sparkling iridescent spots and an irresistible crinkling sound KONG Enchanted casts a playful spell over your cat, luring him or her into bouts of healthy, active play to reign over magical realms of mythical creatures in a catnip-scented world. Sized for swatting with a center hole kitties can poke a paw through, it’s made for batting and chasing, satisfying your cat’s hunting instincts. Let feline fantasies free in a swirl of glitter and catnip!
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