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Infused™ Cat Gyro

One Size, Purple
  • icon-paw Durable food & treat dispenser for long-lasting enrichment
  • icon-paw Roll & flip action plus bell sounds entice play
  • icon-paw Infused with potent KONG North American Premium catnip to extend play
  • icon-paw Bell in outer ring invites pouncing fun
  • icon-paw Middle container twists open easily for filling and cleaning
  • icon-paw Holds 1/3 cup of food making it ideal for a bowl replacement

The KONG Cat Gyro is the ideal food and treat dispenser that has a roll and spin action that, engages cats’ in a mentally stimulating food puzzle. When batted, it flips over, sparking cats’ stalking and pouncing instincts. Infused with potent KONG North American Premium Catnip oil, it also features a bell in the outer ring both combining to extend play sessions. Its removable middle container is easy to fill and clean. Holds 1/3 cup of food, making it an ideal bowl replacement

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