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Spring Cleaning

April 5, 2019

Spring Cleaning – Toy Organization

Spring is a time for fresh starts – this includes tackling the overflowing pet toys, treats and accessories. Pet toys have the unique ability to magically disappear under furniture and migrate all over your home, which can leave you feeling stuck in a game of quick pick up every time you come home or are cleaning up before hosting guests. Have no fear, here are some fun, easy and stylish ways to organize your pet’s toys and accessories, without having to hide them away!

KONG Wall Hanger

Does your dog have a KONG Classic collection? If so, this adorable KONG hanger can help cut clutter in your house and serve as cute wall art or as a space saving solution in a closet or entryway. Securely fasten a wooden peg coat rack to the wall (horizontal or vertically), then simply hang your furry friend’s favorite toys, such as the KONG Classic, for easy storage. Pro tip: This hanger can also double as a drying rack post KONG cleaning.

Basket Organization

Storage baskets or bins are an efficient way to store pet toys without breaking the bank. Grab some fabric or wooden bins from your local home store and let the labeling and categorizing begin! Separate toys by pet type (dog or cat), toy type or size for easy grab and go fun. Bins store easily on the bottom shelf of bookcases, under coffee tables or in closets for out of the way storage that is accessible for both you and your pet. Some pets even enjoy and find mental stimulation in the task of picking their favorite toy out of the basket or bin they are held in. This makes half the fun of playing fetch choosing a toy!

Leashes and Collars Station

Untangling leashes and collars can be headache inducing when trying to go for a quick walk, especially when your furry friend is jumping for joy and ready to go. A coat or key hanger is a great way to easily hang leashes for on the go grabbing. Hang your hooks by your door with all of your walking essentials for a neat and chic dog walk station. Storing collars and leashes in baskets or cubbies is a great alternative when you are lacking the wall space.