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Dog on a leash holding a KONG toy
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Dog on a leash holding a KONG toy

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Without an acceptable outlet for natural chewing instincts, many dogs turn to destructive chewing.

Prevention is key. Teach your dog acceptable chewing behavior with a treat stuffed KONG for a mentally stimulating, long-lasting challenge. Freeze to extend the chew session.



When puppies’ 28 baby teeth erupt through their gums, it can hurt.

Chewing soft rubber helps alleviate teething pain. KONG Puppy Rubber is customized to meet this need while teaching appropriate chewing behavior.


Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety peaks during the first 20 minutes after a dog is alone.

A treat stuffed KONG helps your dog associate being left alone with good things, alleviating those anxiety peaks.



A dog will always find something to do to beat boredom-- this often leads to problem behavior.

Stuffed and frozen KONGs keep dogs engaged, extending playtime with a healthy, long-lasting, mentally stimulating challenge.


Digging & Barking

Boredom and fear can lead to digging and barking.

Creating good behaviors starts with productive play that allows dogs to expend excess energy. A frozen, treat-stuffed KONG offers a mentally occupying challenge that burns excess energy.


Crate Training

Crates provide a sense of security for dogs and can aid in housetraining.

To help dogs build a positive association with their crates from the start, give them a KONG as a mind occupying challenge. Repeating this routine helps your dog feel safe turning their crate into their den.


Weight Management

Your dog’s weight is critical to his or her health; about 35% of dogs are overweight or obese.

Slow down eating and add a satisfying mental and physical challenge by feeding your dog from a KONG Classic or a kibble filled KONG Wobbler.

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