Squeezz® Orbitz Spin Top Assorted

Squeezz® Orbitz Spin Top Assorted Photo
KONG toy
Squeezz® Orbitz Spin Top Assorted Photo
S/M, Assorted
M/L, Assorted
  • dog paw Squeaker extends play
  • dog paw Vibrant, multi-textured fetch toy for engaging fun
  • dog paw Irregular shape launches irresistibly unpredictable bounce
  • dog paw Studslekar för interaktiva leksessioner
  • dog paw Greppverktyg med textur som gör det enklare att få grepp
  • dog paw Tillgänglig i storlekarna liten/medium och medium/stor
KONG Squeezz Orbitz’ dynamic bounce-and-roll action launches dogs into a universe of healthy interactive play fueled by irresistibly unpredictable rebounds that satisfy chasing instincts. These vibrant, textured spinning satellites of fun squeak to extend play and feature a textured, grippy surface that makes grabbing easy.
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