Meet the KONG Dogs: Bubba


It may be one of the most popular dog names around but, to those of us at KONG, there can only be one Bubba. Bubba I live with: Robert Hinojosa,… [Read More]

Training and Play


by Michael Baugh Here’s my dark little secret. I don’t always want to train my dogs. Yeah sure, I’m a professional trainer, and I love helping my clients with their… [Read More]

Meet the KONG Dogs: Cracker


It’s a new year and we have a new KONG dog for you to meet. We try not to play favorites but we’re thinking if this were a pageant, our… [Read More]

Tips For Photographing Your Pet


How often do you glance down at your pet and think I must capture this cuteness? You run and grab your camera with the highest of hopes only to be… [Read More]

Meet the KONG Dogs: Roxy


It’s that time again! Let’s meet another one of our KONG dogs. This little lady puts the fab in fabulous and the diva in Shiba. Meet theofficial KONG prima donna…. Roxy!… [Read More]