Tips For Flying With Your Dog

Traveling with your pet can be an exciting but nerve-wracking adventure, particularly when airplanes are involved. Mark Muir, a dog trainer and disc dog competitor, frequently travels with multiple dogs… [Read More]

Meet the KONG Dogs: Pawesome & Critter

These KONG dogs may be small, but they have personalities the size of a Newfoundland: meet Pawesome and Critter. Pawesome & Critter We live with: Chelsea Midkiff, Sales/Account Manager Our… [Read More]

Happy Presidential Pets Day


The idea of the Presidential Pet is as old as the office of President itself, and there have been only a few times in our nation’s history when animals did… [Read More]

Meet the KONG Dogs: Bubba

It may be one of the most popular dog names around but, to those of us at KONG, there can only be one Bubba. Bubba I live with: Robert Hinojosa,… [Read More]

Training and Play

by Michael Baugh Here’s my dark little secret. I don’t always want to train my dogs. Yeah sure, I’m a professional trainer, and I love helping my clients with their… [Read More]

Meet the KONG Dogs: Cracker

It’s a new year and we have a new KONG dog for you to meet. We try not to play favorites but we’re thinking if this were a pageant, our… [Read More]