How To Play: Red Light/Green Light

At KONG, we know that dogs need to play. Games are not only mentally and physically stimulating (and fun!)—they’re also a great training tool for your best friend. Read on… [Read More]

Remembering Military Working Dogs

Memorial Day is a day to commemorate the sacrifices of those who have served in the United States Armed Forces, and not all of those heroes have stood on only… [Read More]

5 Summer Essentials for Your Dog

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Meet the KONG Dogs: Niko

Did you know that the KONG Company has a warehouse in Downey, CA? Our next dog spends his day roaming the stockrooms with Warehouse Manager, Carlos Agredano. Meet our next… [Read More]

Rules of Tug

By Michael Baugh Back in the day, trainers used to warn people not to play tug with their dog.  The worry was that it would promote competition and cause aggression.  Thankfully,… [Read More]

My Name is KONG, Too!

Hi! My name is KONG and I am a very special dog (and not just because I’m named after the famous dog toy). I am, first and foremost, the service… [Read More]

Kitty KONG Helps Cats Get Along

By Ellen Mahurin The Kitty KONG is one of my favorite tools for cat cases. In one case, I used the Kitty KONG and KONG Stuff’n Salmon Recipe to build… [Read More]