Rules of Tug

What's Oreo pulling

By Michael Baugh Back in the day, trainers used to warn people not to play tug with their dog.  The worry was that it would promote competition and cause aggression.  Thankfully,… [Read More]

My Name is KONG, Too!


Hi! My name is KONG and I am a very special dog (and not just because I’m named after the famous dog toy). I am, first and foremost, the service… [Read More]

Kitty KONG Helps Cats Get Along


By Ellen Mahurin The Kitty KONG is one of my favorite tools for cat cases. In one case, I used the Kitty KONG and KONG Stuff’n Salmon Recipe to build… [Read More]

Meet the KONG dogs: Shaka


Introducing one of KONG’s brightest stars…Shaka. Shaka is one of our KONG Classic models and is featured on our Rubber Products page! Shaka  I live with: Chad Begley, Quality Control… [Read More]

Easter Egg Hunting Goes to the Dogs


This year, while you’re hiding Easter eggs in your backyard for your kids, don’t forget about Fido! Stuffed KONGs make excellent doggie Easter eggs and are a great way to… [Read More]

Tips For Flying With Your Dog


Traveling with your pet can be an exciting but nerve-wracking adventure, particularly when airplanes are involved. Mark Muir, a dog trainer and disc dog competitor, frequently travels with multiple dogs… [Read More]

Meet the KONG Dogs: Pawesome & Critter


These KONG dogs may be small, but they have personalities the size of a Newfoundland: meet Pawesome and Critter. Pawesome & Critter We live with: Chelsea Midkiff, Sales/Account Manager Our… [Read More]

Happy Presidential Pets Day


The idea of the Presidential Pet is as old as the office of President itself, and there have been only a few times in our nation’s history when animals did… [Read More]