Give Your Dog a Reason to Smile


Proper dental care is essential to canine health, but until recently, oral hygiene was largely overlooked in animal care. It wasn’t until the 1980s and 90s that dentistry became a specialty… [Read More]

A Healthy Cat is a Happy Cat


By Marya Myszczynski I think we can all agree that cats have basically won the internet.  From Grumpy Cat to Cats Playing Patty-Cake, we all have a lot of love… [Read More]

Treat your Valentine!


Want to give your dog a Valentine’s Day treat that will last through the dessert course of your romantic dinner? Our friends at Pet Parent have created some scrumptious KONG… [Read More]

New Year, New You, New Dog


By Sarah Taillon Let’s get physical! By now, as post-holiday reality sets in, most of us have abandoned those lofty New Year’s resolutions to hike Machu Picchu or learn to… [Read More]

Holiday Gift Guide


By Marya Myszczynski It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year—the time to celebrate and reward your pet for a year’s worth of snuggles, slobber and unconditional love. Gifts, like… [Read More]

Tips for a Happy Holiday


Dogs are creatures of habit and holidays tend to disrupt their sense of security. Parties, travel and the frenzy of activity during the holidays can overexcite and stress out our… [Read More]

Meet the KONG Dogs: Gracie Lou

Gracie - bounzer

Some KONG dogs are true beauty pageant queens…and we have one of our very own: meet Gracie Lou. Gracie Lou I live with: Laura Gonzales, Accounts Receivable My breed: Yellow… [Read More]