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KONG Solutions - How to use KONG to Help Solve Unfavorable Dog Behaviors

Dog holding a piece of wood in its mouth
KONG toy
Dog holding a piece of wood in its mouth

Friday, May 1st, 2020

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KONGs aren’t just a dog toy, they can also be used as a tool to help eliminate certain unfavorable dog behaviors as well. Even though dogs have since become part of our family, instincts that developed in the wild many years ago can still lead to problem behaviors in your home. KONG Solutions help satisfy natural instincts by redirecting to a stuffed KONG toy that entertains with interactive play to build the bond between pet and parent. KONGs also provide a healthy outlet for dogs’ energy and alleviating boredom.

KONG Helps Solve...

Dog holding a piece of wood in its mouth

Without an acceptable outlet for natural chewing instincts, many dogs turn to destructive chewing.

Prevention is key. Teach your dog acceptable chewing behavior with a treat stuffed KONG for a mentally stimulating, long-lasting challenge. Freeze to extend the chew session.

  • KONG toys are made from durable rubber in a variety of formulas and provide dogs an appropriate way to fulfill chewing instincts.
  • Chewing a KONG keeps jaws strong and teeth clean.
  • Prevention is key—teaching dogs acceptable chewing behaviors with KONG helps avoid destructive chewing from the start.
Dog sitting on a scale

Weight Management
Your dog’s weight is critical to his or her health; about 35% of dogs are overweight or obese.

  • Feeding your dog from the KONG Classic or Wobbler will not only slow their eating, but provides a satisfying mental and physical challenge.
  • Like walking, play has countless benefits for dogs. The erratic bounce of the KONG Classic makes games of fetch new and exciting each time, keeping your dog engaged in healthy physical activity.
Dog sitting in a crate with a KONG toy

Crate Training
Crates provide a sense of security for dogs and can aid in housetraining. To successfully crate train a dog, it’s critical to create a positive association with the crate.

  • Start a dog’s crate training by stuffing a KONG toy with a favorite treat.
  • Let the dog see and smell the stuffed toy, then place the KONG in the back of the crate leaving the door open.
  • As the dog chews on the KONG inside the crate, they begin to feel more comfortable and create a positive association with the crate. Repeat this until their dog is happy to settle in the crate on their own.
Dog digging in the grass

Digging & Barking
Boredom and fear can lead to digging and barking.

  • Creating good behaviors start with productive play, which allows dogs to expend excess energy.
  • Every time you throw a KONG toy, the unpredictable bounce ensures no two games are ever the same, keeping the dog engaged and excited for more.
  • A stuffed KONG is also helpful for a dog left outside to play. Directing their energy toward something positive, like working for the food inside the toy, diminishes bad behaviors.
Two dogs tearing up a roll of toilet paper

A dog will always find something to do to beat boredom-- this often leads to problem behavior.

  • Stuffed and frozen KONG toys extend playtime and create a healthy, long-lasting challenge.
  • In addition to extending playtime, working on a stuffed KONG mentally stimulates dogs, beating boredom and keeping the mind sharp.
Dog laying on a rug looking sad

Separation Anxiety
Separation anxiety peaks during the first 20 minutes after a dog is alone.

  • A simple solution is to help the dog develop a positive association between being left alone and good things, like a treat-stuffed KONG.
  • Stuffing a KONG toy with a mix of wet and dry ingredients creates a challenge that typically lasts 20 minutes, engaging dogs during the time when anxiety is at its peak.
  • A KONG can even be frozen so that getting all the food out takes even more time.
Dog chewing on a KONG toy

When puppies’ 28 baby teeth erupt through their gums, it can hurt.

Chewing soft rubber helps alleviate teething pain. KONG Puppy Rubber is customized to meet this need while teaching appropriate chewing behavior.

  • Chewing soft rubber helps to alleviate teething pain.
  • KONG Puppy rubber toys are designed for growing teeth and jaws. These toys help promote the entry of growing teeth, while establishing healthy chewing habits.
  • When the new adult teeth are fully set at about 9 months, dogs should move to a KONG Classic or KONG Extreme based on their chewing style.
Dog sitting on a rug with a KONG toy

Additional Benefits

  • A stuffed KONG toy is a great way to disguise your dog’s medication. When mixed into a KONG stuffing recipe, your dog won’t even notice they’re getting their pill.
  • KONG toys provide a natural, holistic solution to many common pet problems. Training with a KONG can often prevent trips to the veterinarian, behaviorist or—as a last resort—shelter.
  • In addition to problem solutions, KONG toys provide interactive play that can strengthen the bond between pet and parent.
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