Meet the KONG Dogs: Myla

The happiest little girl… miss Myla Marie!


I live with: Lyndsey Erb, Sales Manager, Ecommerce

Breed: Lovable Rez Dog Rescue Mutt

Years at KONG: 7 Months

Favorite toy: Small Wubba, Comfort Kiddos Duck

Favorite Stuff’n: Peanut Butter

Quote: “Life is an adventure, let’s go PLAY!! ”

Hobbies: Hiking, walking, Frisbee tug-o-war with my siblings, cuddling with my family, car rides with my head out the window and playing fetch with my Wubba or Duck

Favorite movie:  Turner & Hooch

Favorite song: Fancy by Iggy Azalea

Did you know? I am a Reservation dog rescue from New Mexico. Mom and Dad went into the store to get food for my brother and sister, & they left with me!