Meet the KONG dogs: Monty

This sunbathing, bug hunting Lab of love will crawl into your lap AND  your heart… Meet Monty!


I live with: Dana Dinges, Account Service Representative

Breed: Pointer/Lab Mix

Years at KONG: 1.5

Favorite toy: The Wobbler. Treats for days!

Favorite Stuff’n: Bacon and Cheese everything! Oh and peanut butter!

Quote: “Park, not vet. Park, not vet. Park, not vet….BUNNY!!”

Hobbies: Stealing your bed, jumping into people’s laps, sunbathing, bug hunting, stalking bunnies and bar hopping

Favorite movie: Marley & Me

Favorite song: Like My Dog by Billy Currington

Did you know? I love the lazy Saturday mornings when I’m able to relax in the sun while hanging out on park tables and climbing into stranger’s laps