Big Blue Live

What’s more entertaining than deep sea diving in the Monterey Bay? Well in the mind of Bixby, the sea otter, it’s playing with a bunch of KONG toys including the KONG Aqua and the Jump’N Jack.

Bixby is getting her moment to shine in a new internet and TV series called Big Blue Live. The series has been created in partnership between the BBC and PBS. The two organizations have teamed up to focus on the sea animals that are a part of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. The live broadcast features the lives of these irresistibly cute animals and the ecosystem of the sanctuary.

The show already has millions of views and is effectively raising awareness of the importance of the aquarium’s marine science research and conservation efforts. Keeping these rambunctious rescue otters is a full time job! The handlers of these cuddly creatures have recognized the value of KONG and the role they play in their toolbox of enrichment toys. We couldn’t agree more—dive on cuddly sea friends!