Helping Animals One Step At A Time

During the holidays, many of us reflect on the blessings in our lives and, in turn, resolve to give back. And while pet shelters and rescues are ideal places (and such worthy causes) for volunteering, holidays also tend to be packed with to-dos, family and other obligations. How then, can we make the most of the holidays and find some time to do good? Our friends over at ResQwalk may have found the answer—all you have to do is walk your dog.

ResQ Walk is a free app that allows users to pledge their miles walked to one of 1,200 animal rescue partners. Walkers raise awareness and funds for rescue organizations nationwide and are rewarded with fun prizes along the way. Each week, a donation pool is offered in the app and walkers track miles completed for their favorite rescue. At the end of the week, the pool is allocated to different shelters proportionate to the miles pledged in their honor. Learn more about how it works here.

ResQwalk launched recently after a successful Indiegogo campaign and has grown to over thirty thousand users. Together, these walkers have pledged over 310,000 miles towards their favorite rescues and shelters, allocating a pool of $45,050 to date. That is incredible! The support and funding provided through ResQwalk is monumental for the shelter and rescue world and makes donating too easy to pass up. Furthermore, in-app purchases of adorable, pet-related swag generate additional donations to your favorite rescue.  This means you can cross items off your holiday shopping list (Coffee, t-shirts and cat tattoos? Check!) and support homeless animals at the same time.

The KONG Team is thrilled to support ResQ Walk through walker prizing. What better way to celebrate a brisk walk than a stuffed, frozen KONG and a little online shopping in support of your favorite rescue organization? Try this recipe in your pup’s KONG as a reward for a job well done.

Want to give it a go? Download the app, lace up your shoes and get your best friend walking. In addition to good health and good feelings, you could win a KONG prize pack!