By Sarah Taillon

Recently at KONG World Headquarters, we lost one of our beloved office dogs. Baylie Voorhees greeted the KONG staff—especially those with treats handy—on a daily basis for over seven years, and lent her modeling skills to photography for KONG products, packaging and promotional materials.

Baylie working it for the KONG Wobbler packaging

While we all enjoyed (and indulged) Baylie at the office, she went home each night to her own loving family. When she was diagnosed with aggressive cancer and passed quickly, more than a few tears were shed. Although her life was shorter than we’d have liked it to be, Baylie was well-loved and we will all remember her fondly.

But what about the millions of homeless pets that die in shelters each year? Who is mourning their passing and what can we do, as animal lovers and advocates, to enact change? Our Friends at Helen Woodward Animal Center may be on to something.

Remember Me Thursday, coming up September 25th, 2014, is an event to create a global awareness campaign centered on homeless pets. Last year, when Mike Arms had the idea for Remember Me Thursday, he called upon animal organizations worldwide to light a candle in support of orphan pets who’d lost their lives. The response was overwhelming.

There are many ways to get involved with Remember Me Thursday

According to Helen Woodward Animal Center, over 100,000 people in 139 countries participated in the event, which also includes the opportunity to light a virtual candle online. Now, in its second year, Remember Me Thursday is already picking up momentum with animal care organizations, celebrities and companies like KONG.

For our part, we’re sending KONG Cares packages to each of the shelter and rescue organizations that participate in candle lighting ceremonies for Remember Me Thursday. KONG toys are proven, successful enrichment devices for dogs in shelters, stimulating them mentally and physically. Happy dogs are adoptable dogs, and our shared goal with Remember Me Thursday is to increase adoption and reduce euthanasia. That way, when a dog’s time comes, they’ll be surrounded by their forever family, like Baylie was.

KONG Cares packages provide homeless pets with life-improving enrichment toys

Want to get involved? Here’s what you can do:

“Remember Me Thursday asks organizations and individuals to dedicate the fourth Thursday of September, annually, to remembering the millions of homeless pets who lost their lives over the last year. By uniting in this way, the worldwide awareness campaign hopes to shine a light on the millions of healthy and loving orphan pets still awaiting adoption. Individuals can get involved by attending a candle-lighting ceremony at their local shelter, or assisting with organizing one; lighting a virtual candle on-line at; changing their Facebook profile pictures to the Remember Me Thursday icon all day, September 25th; spreading the word about Remember Me Thursday on Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels using #LIGHTFORPETS; and most importantly by always adopting and encouraging friends and family to do the same.”


Click here for more information on Remember Me Thursday.