Back to School Tips

By Sarah Taillon

As late summer turns to fall, back to school excitement takes over. In the flurry of preparation, it’s easy to forget that when the kids head back, your pup’s daily life will change too. Read on for ways to ease the transition.

Plan Ahead

Stuff and freeze a few KONGs before things get too hectic—you’ll be glad you did when you’re running late for that PTA meeting or band concert. Not sure what to stuff? Check out our Recipe for Success.

Make Breakfast Work

Feeding your dog right before everyone leaves for the day will help reduce the initial anxiety associated with your departure. Use a KONG Wobbler, which requires your dog to work for the kibble, for the morning meal. The added exercise and stimulation will not only slow mealtime, but help tire your dog so that they nap away some of the morning alone.

Home Alone

When school and work keep the family away all day, hide a treat-filled KONG somewhere in the house. You’ll not only provide a fun challenge to occupy and distract your dog as they search for the toy, but a tasty reward that reduces stress and loneliness.

Afterschool Playtime

When you and the kids are home for the day, make sure to set aside some time for play. In addition to walks, play is an excellent source of exercise for dogs (and people!). Take the KONG toy your dog has unstuffed during the day and bring it to the backyard for a fun and bouncy game of fetch.

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