Digging and Barking

By Sarah Taillon

Summer is in full swing and, for many people and their pets, that means more time spent outdoors. While dogs love to bask in the glory of fresh air, outdoor time can also lead to some unwanted behaviors, like digging and barking.

Dogs bark to communicate and dig when they’re bored or afraid.  Although these are completely natural, instinctual behaviors for dogs, we humans aren’t too fond of all that noise and/or dirt flying everywhere. Read on for our tips on using KONG toys to combat these common pet peeves.

Creating good behaviors starts with productive play, which allows dogs to expend excess energy. The more you tire out your dog, the less time or inclination they’ll have to dig up your prize begonias.

The KONG Classic toy is an excellent multitasker for playtime with your dog. Every time you throw a KONG, the unpredictable bounce sends the toy in a new direction. This ensures no two games are ever the same, keeping your pup engaged and excited for more. After a hearty game of KONG fetch, your dog will look forward to some rest in the shade.

If you’re not able to be outside with your dog, a stuffed KONG makes a great companion. Planning ahead is key here—stuff a KONG (or a few) with a mixture of wet and dry ingredients, such as your dog’s favorite treat, kibble, apple sauce, etc.

Once stuffed, you can put the KONG in the freezer for several hours, ensuring a cool and delicious treat for your pup’s outdoor time. In addition, directing their energy toward something positive like working for the food inside the KONG diminishes bad behaviors. To increase the challenge, you can even hide a few frozen KONGs in the yard for your best friend to hunt down.

Whether you’re able to enjoy the great outdoors with your dog or not, you can rely on KONG to get them through the summer on their best behavior.

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