Sun’s Out Fun’s Out

By Marya Myszczynski

With summer underway and temperatures rising, it’s officially time for some fun in the sun. We’ve picked our top four playtime favorites to entertain you and your pooch through the dog days of summer.

Need a cool treat for a hot day? Nothing is more satisfying than a frozen KONG Classic. Mix together some applesauce and Goldies to stuff into your KONG, and then freeze it for a delicious summer treat. A frozen KONG makes for a long-lasting–and refreshing–new twist on an old favorite.

Whether you’re running a 5K or finishing the last season of Mad Men on Netflix, we have the perfect toy to keep your dog entertained when you’re busy. KONG Marathon is a great option to combat your dog’s stress and boredom this summer. The Marathon chew treat locks firmly into the toy, creating a long-lasting challenge that will keep your dog’s interest through the finish line. So go ahead and plan that day out, Fido has his own Marathon this summer.

Get ready to rumble with the new KONG Jumbler! Play fetch all summer long with this interactive toy. We like to call the KONG Jumbler the trifecta of dog toys. This toy combines three of your dog’s favorites; a tumbling interior tennis ball, handles for games of tug and fetch, and an extra loud squeak!

Is your dog bouncing off the walls? Does she need a little “me time” outside?  The KONG Bounzer is great for games of fetch and for self-play. The Bounzer compresses when grabbed by the dog, releasing air from the toy, which encourages her to continue play on her own. Made in the classic KONG silhouette, the top handle makes tossing easy.   If your pooch just can’t stand still this summer, the KONG Bounzer is sure to keep her tail wagging.

What is your dog’s favorite toy this summer? Share your summer fun photos with us on facebook and instagram #KONGdog. We’ll pick our favorites to send a KONG Gift Pack.