KONG and the Myth of Indestructibility

By Sarah Taillon

You’ve heard it before, perhaps from an eager sales associate or excited friend.

“You’ve got to get your dog a KONG,” they say. “It’s INDESTRUCTIBLE!”

As flattered as we are to hear that people are singing our praises, this is simply not true. The fact of the matter is that no safe dog toy is completely indestructible. Dogs’ teeth and jaws are designed for destruction, since cutlery is not an option. KONG, however, offers a durable outlet for dogs’ tendencies to chew. Our classic rubber toys can help teach correct chewing behaviors that both satisfy natural instincts and prevent destructive chewing in the home. For more on that, click here.

Let’s take this a little further. Just like you wouldn’t leave a young child alone with scissors and glue, dogs with new toys should always be supervised until you know they can be left alone safely. For most dogs, a KONG Puppy, Classic or Extreme will become the ideal toy for keeping them company when you’ve got to leave. Other, gentler chewers can be left alone with a variety of toys—it’s really about knowing your dog and their chewing temperament.

One more thing. We’re confident that we bring only the most durable, highest quality products to the market. However, not all our toys are made with chewing in mind, since we know that dogs need a range of activity to keep them happy and healthy. Here’s a quick reference guide to some of our most popular toys and their suggested uses:

  • KONG Classic rubber toys: ideal for chewing; also great for games of fetch and for slow feeding.

  • KONG Wubba: ideal for interactive play like tugging and fetch—should not be chewed.

  • KONG Wobbler: ideal for slow feeding and mental stimulation—should not be chewed.

  • KONG Cozie: ideal for cuddling, licking and light interactive play—should not be chewed.

  • KONG Squeezz: ideal for dogs that love the squeak and for interactive play—should not be chewed.


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