New Year, New You, New Dog

By Sarah Taillon

Let’s get physical!

By now, as post-holiday reality sets in, most of us have abandoned those lofty New Year’s resolutions to hike Machu Picchu or learn to code. However, resolving to keep your dog healthy and fit is an achievable goal, and you might even see some of the benefits spillover into your own life. Check out some of the ways KONG can help you in your quest for canine (and human) health:


You know how when you’re really hungry and someone puts a big bowl of pasta in front of you, you sometimes just scarf down the whole thing in under five minutes? And then you say to yourself, “I don’t even know what that tasted like and I feel a little sick.” Worst of all, and in a cruel twist of fate, you’re hungry again in two hours. (Don’t pretend this has never happened to you, you’re making me feel judged!) Well, something similar happens with dogs. According to America’s Veterinarian, Dr. Marty Becker, dogs are actually wired to work for their food. When there’s no work involved, there’s less satisfaction and a higher likelihood that they’ll overeat.

Enter the KONG Wobbler. What looks like a really giant KONG toy is actually a slow feeder that gets your dog moving and working for their meal. Simply put your dog’s dry kibble in the Wobbler and show them how it works. The Wobbler will not only slow their eating, but provide a satisfying mental and physical challenge. Note: if you’re looking to slow your own eating for health purposes, you’re on your own. It’s socially unacceptable to eat your meals out of the Wobbler.


January is National Walk Your Dog Month, so you know you’re not getting out of this one. The benefits of walking abound, for us and them alike. From fulfilling natural hunting instincts to draining extra energy, the dog walk is a one-stop shop of solutions for your best friend. As a general rule, 30 minutes of walking per day should reap benefits for you and your pup; however, it’s always best to check with your vet (and your doctor) before starting any exercise routine. Upon returning from your walk, have a frozen, stuffed KONG waiting for quiet time. Now you’re freed up to watch The Mindy Project  do crunches!


Like walking, play has countless benefits for dogs. In addition to keeping them happy and healthy, interactive play can strengthen the bond between pet and parent, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Whether you have a fetch fiend, a tugaholic or a squeak enthusiast, find out what your dog loves and indulge! There’s a KONG for every kind of play…

  • Increase the challenge with the KONG Classic; the erratic bounce will keep your dog guessing… and give you time to instagram your game of fetch.
  • Retire your dog’s old (and unsafe) wooden stick and toss them a Safestix.

  • Equally strong and adorable, KONG Tugger Knots are the perfect vehicle for a lively game of tug.
  • It’s called the KONG Tug. Enough said.

  • KONG Shakers not only squeak… they rattle too. All the delightful sounds will have your dog begging for a game of keep away.
  • The KONG OFF/ON Squeaker has the added benefit of an off switch, for those times when the squeaking is. Just. Too. Much.

There you have it; you and your pup are on your way to a happy, healthy 2014. Already there? Share your healthy tips using the hashtag #KONGdog.