Meet the KONG Dogs: Ammo and Nala

This pair of KONG dogs is ready for a hike, a swim and some food; meet Ammo and Nala.

Ammo and Nala

We live with: Morgan Vavro, Product Manager

Our breeds:

Ammo: Cockapoo

Nala: Black Lab

Our years at KONG: less than one

Our favorite KONG toys:

Ammo: KONG Snugga Wubba and any ball that can be thrown!

Nala: Wobbler, anything to make meals seem bigger and last longer

Our favorite treats: Real Peanut Butter with Snacks inside KONG Classic


Ammo: I’m the baby of the family. I love to snuggle and watch TV, but I’m also very active and think I’m a big dog. I swim with my sister, hike large mountains and will always be up for a game of fetch.

Nala: I love hiking with my parents and playing with my little brother, but above all – I love to eat. I’m affectionate and gentle and wish I was a little lap dog. Be careful not to be too nice to me – if you give me an inch, I’ll take a mile.

Favorite thing to watch:

Ammo: I’ll pay attention to TV if I see another animal…I like to bark at the TV when I see something that needs to be chased.

Nala: I’d rather sleep. I have no use for TV.

Favorite song: The chime of the alarm clock on our parents’ phone is by far the best! We get EXTREMELY excited because it means that we’re going to be fed in a few minutes.

Did you know?

Ammo: I’m an attention hog and have no problem licking your face, jumping on your lap or even taking a seat on your stomach in the morning to wake you up. You’ll never have to worry about what I’m thinking…I’ll tell you.

Nala: My parents thought that labs were supposed to calm down after age 2, but I’m 7 and I’ll tell you what…I will forever be a “puppy.”