Tips for a Happy Holiday

Dogs are creatures of habit and holidays tend to disrupt their sense of security. Parties, travel and the frenzy of activity during the holidays can overexcite and stress out our best friends. KONG has a few tips that can help ease the holiday pain for you and your dog.

Tips for a Happy Holiday 

Plan Ahead 

Stuff and freeze a few KONGs before things get too hectic—you’ll be glad you did when you’re running late for that holiday party.

Houseguests & Gatherings 

Put your dog in a back room or their crate during guests’ arrival and departure. A treat-stuffed KONG will distract them from the activity at the front door.

Home Alone 

When holiday shopping keeps you away all day, give your dog a treat-filled KONG to reduce stress and loneliness. Offer your dog the KONG moments before you leave; this will help focus their attention away from your departure. A frozen KONG lasts the longest and will help get your dog through the first twenty minutes alone (when separation anxiety is at its peak).

Holiday Dinner 

Is your niece falling victim to puppy-face and feeding your dog table scraps? Many holiday meals can be adjusted for your dog’s KONG. Check out two of our favorite recipes Home for the Holidays and Sweet Potato Special.