Meet the KONG Dogs: Gracie Lou

Some KONG dogs are true beauty pageant queens…and we have one of our very own: meet Gracie Lou.

Gracie Lou

I live with: Laura Gonzales, Accounts Receivable

My breed: Yellow Lab

My years at KONG: 4

My favorite KONG toy: Bounzer

My favorite treat: I can’t say no to Ziggies!

Hobbies: I love playing with a soccer ball pretending I’m the goalie for the Women’s US Soccer Team

Favorite thing to watch: Miss Congeniality–my mom named me after the character Gracie Lou Freebush in this movie

Favorite song: “Pretty Woman” by Van Halen because I like to rock out

Did you know? I like to play rough and tough but hate to get my paws dirty.

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.” – Kelly LeBrock